Friday, 2 May 2014

Ecomo Makes Calling Family Friends &Business Associates Easy and Affordable

 Ecomo- The World's Best Android & iOS App For Making Low Cost Calls

Keeping in contact with your friends, colleagues and family members should not leave you out of pocket, we're here to help.  In a transnational world we believe that you should be able make low cost calls regardless of location. We have developed Ecomo, just for your convenience.

With Ecomo you will be able to call both national and international numbers at a fraction of standard mobile operator rates.This is how you can get the Ecomo calling app onto your Android or iOS smartphone:

1. Go to and then click on the SIGN UP tab.

2. Enter your first name and your last name - child's play!

3. Enter a password twice - make it something you can easily remember but something that is difficult to guess...
4.Then select your country (UK and USA are at the top of the list - scroll down if you reside elsewhere).
5.Your ecomo account number is your Mobile phone number entered in the following format - country code - mobile number without initial zero. So for example if your number is a UK Mobile 44 (0) 779 777 xxxx you enter 44 in the first box and then 779777xxxx in the second box.
6.This number 44779777xxxx will be your ecomo account number.
7.Enter your email address.
8.Click on the I agree Terms and Conditions button!
9. Log into the I Phone App Store and download ecomo  
You have now signed up and are ready to make calls at lower rates from any country to any country in the world.!!!

Once downloaded you can top credit on your account by going to  Save the website on you Smartphone as an icon for future ease of use. Then click on 'MY ACCOUNT' and you can add credit to your account using your Debit or Credit Card. We suggest you then click on the AUTO TOP UP option so you dont have to login to your account to top up again!!

Enjoy ecomo and we value your feedback. 

Connect With Us Here:

 24 hour customer services 02074428812.

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