Thursday, 29 May 2014

How to Make Free Calls via ecomo®

ecomo® to ecomo® calls are free. lf your business associates,friends and family members also have ecomo®, then you can talk to each other for free regardless of where in the world you and they are.

Ask your friends and relatives to join ecomo® so you can keep in touch for FREE! 

To make a FREE call to someone you both need to have ecomo® on your smartphones and the ecomo® app needs to be turned on. (Tip: don’t turn the ecomo®app off – just leave it on so you can be called for FREE by other ecomo®customers!)

Call the person you wish to speak to in the format; Country Code+Mobile number i.e. if their number is 00447790773990 then save it as 447790773990 call this way via the ecomo® BLUE calling button.

You will hear a recorded announcement confirming "the Call is FREE" before it connects.

Enjoy! Remember the more people you can get sign up the more you can call with for FREE anywhere in the wolrd!!

Click on the link below https? to get started!! 

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