Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Everybody Has The Right To Communicate For Free!

Everybody have the right to talk, but does everyone have the means to?

Have you taken the big step and traveled, currently living countries apart from familiarity? or do you have friends or relatives living overseas? Are extortionate mobile prices stopping you from connecting to the people you care about? We have a solution. We at ecomo® believe everybody has the right to talk, so ecomo® to ecomo® calls are free and simple. No hidden cost just unlimited communication! It's easy, both yourself and your friends need to download the free app from our website. It’s all you need to do to be making free international calls in minutes.

The more friends you get involved the more money you will be saving on calls, because not a penny is spent when ecomo® to ecomo® calls are made, even the app itself is FREE! (Always make sure your ecomo® app is on so you can receive free calls all day long).

Call the person you wish to in the format Country Code + Mobile Number i.e. save 0047790773990 as 47790773990, make sure you call using the BLUE call button, this is how free Wifi/3G calls  are made.

How to make a free ecomo® call

TAP the ecomo® icon> PUSH ‘continue’> OPEN up your contacts> SELECT your contact> TOUCH the number> CHOOSE BLUE call. At this point you will then hear a ‘this call is free’ announcement to confirm you aren’t being charged.

It’s as simple as that; free international costs, no hidden fees.

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