Monday, 9 March 2015

No verification sms!?

We tried to text you back but..

Sometimes, there is the unlikely occurrence that the verification text doesn't reach you. For this we apologize. But it is really very simple to amend!

Make sure you have verified your email address. Often, out of our control, this email is sent to a 'junk' or 'spam' folder so be sure to check there! Once you have found it, open it up and click on the verification box.

Go to and sign in. Go straight to 'Menu' and then select 'Incomplete Registration'.

Enter your mobile in the format 00 and country code and mobile number without the leading zero. For example, to enter UK mobile 077790773920 enter 004477790773920 and click 'Next'

Check your Smartphone for a text from ecomo® and enter the 6 digit code into the box on to verify your number and activate your account!

Then choose the Android or iPhone icon to download the ecomo® app onto your Smartphone.

Its as simple as that!

Top Tip: When the ecomo® icon is on your Smartphone save it next to your call icon for ease in the future!

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