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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know I am using ecomo® when I call? / When calling via the BLUE ecomo button I can’t get through!

On the ecomo® dial pad screen look in the top left hand corner. If there is a GREEN spot with your mobile number next to it you are registered and on ecomo®. If there is a RED spot in the top left hand corner then there is no INTERNET access or signal in the area you are in therefore you cannot make any calls.

How do I know my balance is?

Your balance is displayed in the top right hand corner of the ecomo® dial pad screen and it reduces each time you make a charged call. It will not reduce for ecomo® to ecomo® calls!

When calling via ecomo® GREEN button I get one ring tone and then it cuts off, why?

This problem is probably because your number is withheld; just change these settings for efficient calling. This issue is because ecomo® identifies you by your mobile number.

I can’t find my country!

Ecomo® ‘Choose Country’ list allows you to select local telephone networks via a local number. Ecomo® has local number in 51 of 193 countries. If your country is not listed select ‘country not supported’. You can now still call ecomo® to ecomo® with the BLUE calling button.

How do I know I have been charged for an ecomo® call?

Ecomo® calls are charged per minute. Your displayed credit in the top left hand corner of the dial pad will reduce after each charged call. You can check ecomo® rates at our website

Top Tip: Save our mobile friendly website as an icon on your smart phone so you can check rates easily when on the move!

To view how much money you have spent on ecomo® just go to ‘call history’. Here your recent calls are stored here along with the call cost!

When do I choose calling via the ecomo® BLUE button or GREEN button?

Check if there is a local hotspot – if so turn on your wifi and use the ecomo® BLUE button. If you are walking in the street and have good 3G signal – use ecomo® blue button. If you have weak signal or are on the move i.e. on the train or bus then use the GREEN button – you are much less likely to lose signal. The choice is yours.

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